TRANSAFE warns the driver for potential forward collision, headway violation and uncontrolled road/lane departure hazards and prevents 35% of all possible accidents. TRANSAFE also decreases human and property losses by lowering the severity level of traffic accidents. 

TRANSAFE is a patented and innovative traffic safety and driver support system for medium/heavy class commercial vehicles. This system can be easily and quickly installed to all vehicle types/models like bus, truck or light trucks.

The fundamental function of TRANSAFE is to issue forward collision, headway violation and lane/road departure warnings to drivers in all relevant situations. The system has ability to detect positions and relative velocities of road vehicles in real time. The lateral movement/speed of the host vehicle is also measured. This information is then processed to calculate forward collision and lane/road departure risks that host vehicle may encounter. An audiovisual warning is issued gradually as proportional to increasing accident risk.

TRANSAFE solution automatically stores the alarm events that are related with high risk collision activities. Alarm event data is reported to the fleet management servers through built-in IoT wireless communication module. Processing all these data intelligently, TRANSAFE risk management&reporting SW would form detailed risk statistics that could be used in planning, control and performance management of the road transportation activity.

TRANSAFE Solution:

  • Installed sensor module within the scope of solution is a leading edge automotive radar provided by one of the market leader suppliers.
  • The technology utilized in the solution is fully compliant to EU and industrial standards. TRANSAFE modules possess E-mark certifications and is fully compatible with worldwide FCW standard (ISO 15623). 
  • Advanced features of implemented RF technology totally mitigates the risk of radio interference with TRANSAFE and other similar devices.
  • TRANSAFE solution does not require any complicated electronic integration with vehicles.
  • The automotive radar sensor has 120 meters of target detection range.
  • The disadvantages in detecting vehicles and road/lane markings that are experienced in camera based systems such as low target detection range or performance degradation in adverse weather/light conditions (horizontal sunlight, heavy rain/snow, fog etc) are not present in TRANSAFE solution.
  • TRANSAFE solution is introduced to the market with lower prices as compared to competing and equivalent retrofit ADAS products.

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